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Moreno Vlk & Asociados guarantees its clients complete legal services in all domains of law.

We specialize in:

  • Procedural and legal representation in judicial administrative lawsuits, prevention of legal dispute
  • Complex dispute management including preparation and handling of evidence, medial representation.
  • Accountability within the framework of civil law and compensation of damages when executing contractual obligations, insolvency lawsuits, statutory organ accountability and external company trustee.
  • Company audit of contractual agenda, aimed at preparation and prevention of potential legal disputes.
  • Proprietary relations to real estate, chattel, company bonds and relationship of its owners. representation of members of judiciary, notary and state organs in all types of legal proceedings.
  • Family law and estate by the entirety
  • Crime against property and public agents
  • Representation in Spanish Kingdom and Latin America especially in requisition of liabilities, damage compensation, insurance compensation, real estate, family law and contractual law.

Spanish legal advice

We are specialist in Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia with a focus on representation in the Kingdom of Spain and Latin America, in particular for the recovery of claims, damages, real estate, family law, commercial companies and legal services in Spanish.

Services for corporate clients (provided on the recommendation)

We have a complex portfolio of legal services offered to the corporate clientele. It stems from the traditional and complex legal counseling, contractual prevention, intervention in disputes with emphasis on risk management for statutory organs. All these services are within the scope of services provided in Central Europe, as well as organizational and correctional services commonly provided in Kingdom of Spain. Our corporate department provides services to only a limited number of customers, with emphasis on individual approach and preference towards the Spanish-Czech-Slovak foreign services.

These services include:

  • Legal agenda – commercial and civil legal agenda, occupational relations,
  • Anticorruption audit – prevention of corporate criminal accountability, criminal accountability of statutory organs and key employees
  • Legal relations of companies, associates, and statutory organs.
  • Dispute agenda – civil, commercial, labour and arbitration
  • Administrative agenda with representation in administrative procedures
  • Financial and economic agenda
  • Development – administrative, organizational and technical management of construction projects for clients (construction and operation of hotels, production facilities, and other projects)
  • Public tenders
  • Complains, due diligence and criminal aspects of entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating negotiations and concluding business agreements
  • Tax counselling, salary and accounting agenda
  • Cooperation with Spanish-Czech and Spanish-Slovak Chamber of commerce

Other non-traditional specialized services

Our services encompass an untraditional wide scope for the Spanish, Czech and Slovak client and besides the common agenda we provide following services:

1. Relocation services for companies and individuals

Relocation is a service dedicated to international mobility of corporate entities, which have an interest in resettling in Kingdom of Spain, Czech or Slovak republic. Corporate and individual clients are offered a whole range of services:

  • Devising business agenda for situating businesses and investments into Spanish corporate environment
  • Immigration services (processing applications, DNI and NIE as well as other formalities in order to gain a residence permit)
  • Searching for accommodation
  • International moving
  • Searching for educational facilities and universities
  • Orientation and information about the country
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Multicultural education
  • Counseling in questions of ordinary life in Spain, shops, shopping malls, posts, public transport, medical care,
  • Employee orientation: resume preparation advice, preparation for job interviews, motivation letter, internet work portals, analysis of job offers and networking.

2. Internationalization of corporate entities

  • Collaborating in internationalization
  • Development of entrepreneurship at international level and intercultural communication
  • Preparation of reports for parent company
  • Providing firm domicile for international companies
  • Company establishment
  • Accounting
  • D1A form for international investments
  • Income tax for non-residents
  • Bank account creation for non-residents
  • Processing DNI and NIE applications.

3. Other services

  • Assistance with purchase or rent of a motor vehicle
  • Insurance arrangement
  • Personal transport, airport transport

Awards received

Highly recommended firm
in the field of criminal law and the Czech firm on international markets

Highly recommended firm
in the field of criminal law and the Czech firm on international markets

Law firm of the year 2018
Category: Very highly recommended firm

Law firm of the year 2017
Category: Very highly recommended firm

Law firm of the year 2016
Category: Very highly recommended firm

Highly recommended firm
in the field of criminal law, sport law

Highly recommended firm
in the field of criminal law, sport law Czech firm on international markets

Highly recommended firm
in the field of sports law
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